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    Are you stranded? Need a tow? Breakdown recovery? We are the professionals providing excellent assistance and roadside help to our customers throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, the North West. We offer a breakdown top recovery service for all eventualities. Our 24 hours breakdown service is available day or night. We can help customers with affordable roadside services related to car keys, flat battery, tyre puncture or a quick towing service.

    What is roadside assistance?

    Vehicles are mechanical objects. That is, they are liable to develop mechanical faults unexpectedly. A vehicle breakdown is an occurrence a car owner may not foresee. It is a difficult situation when you are plying a road where you cannot get a helping hand. This situation points out your need for roadside assistance. 

    You may have a little idea about mechanical equipment. Regardless, you may still find it difficult to jump starts your car in some situations. In this case, it requires the attention of a professional. 1st Rescue and Recovery is a company you need to call upon if you experience a car breakdown near Wigan.

    Perhaps you don’t know what a breakdown recovery can offer. The following are what breakdown assistance include;

    • Battery Jump start service

    When your vehicle breaks down due to battery failure, what you need is a car jump start. This action is impossible without external aid. If you need such assistance in Wigan, you can call for 1st Rescue and Recovery breakdown recovery service ltd. 

    • Towing service

    Your car may break down and all attempts to jump starts might fail. If the environment is unsafe, you may need a towing service to move the car to a secured place for proper car repairs. Recovery assistance can then make recovery trucks and towing vehicles available to be of help. Likewise, there are tow trucks capable of moving HGV trucks in case of an unexpected breakdown.

    Towing services can also be used for accident recovery. In case of a car accident, our roadside assistance in Wigan and breakdown recovery Warrington also cover for towing accident cars in the environment.

    • Flat tyre and tyre puncture repair

    A flat tyre can be an embarrassing occurrence when you don’t have a spare tyre. Getting a new tyre and mobile tyre fitting is not something you can do all by yourself. 24hrs roadside service is capable of providing mobile tyre service. The service can be either tyre fitting or puncture repair.

    • Fuel delivery service

    One of the most shocking vehicle breakdown occurrences is caused by a lack of fuel. Most car drivers fall victim to this when they ignore the fuel reading. Likewise, this may occur as a result of using the wrong fuel. Our 24hrs recovery in Wigan and recovery Warrington can help deliver fuel to your present location. Not only do we come to your car rescue, but we can also offer motorbike recovery in similar situations.

    • Extricating service

    Another accident recovery service is the extricating service. When your vehicle breakdown due to an accident, jump starts or towing might not be the option when serious damage is done. The only vehicle recovery option left might be to disengage the car. Our vehicle breakdown recovery service offers car transport from the accident location.

    • Locksmith service

    A 24 hours car breakdown recovery service is not only for a breakdown car or accident cars alone. You can also need the service when you misplace your car key or lock it inside the car. Our roadside recovery and vehicle breakdown recovery service equally offer locksmith service. Our recovery north west service equally extended to St Helens and Charnock Richard.

    wigan roadside assistance

    1st Breakdown Recovery and Towing Wigan, we pride ourselves for the high level of service that we offer throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and the North West of England. Our 24 hour breakdown services are available day or night, we can help customers with affordable roadside services related to car keys, flat battery, tyre puncture or a quick towing service.

    Reliable Car Breakdown Services Wigan

    We breakdown recovery Wigan is a well equipped and professional breakdown service towing company that can help customers in need of a local roadside assistance car key service, we specialise in vehicle breakdowns, accident recoveries, jump starts. Our breakdown services are available 24/7 365 days of the year. We have highly trained and experienced technicians on call 24 hours a day 7 days of the week waiting to offer some assistance.

    Wigan car and van breakdown recovery

    Breakdown recovery, assistance and repairs for all car problems. Whether you’ve broken down on a motorway, suffered tyre damage or your battery is flat, you can rely on Breakdown rescue Wigan to get the job done. We provide a fast and reliable breakdown service throughout Greater Manchester and areas of Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and South Yorkshire.