How are Cars Recycled?

How are Cars Recycled

How are Cars Recycled? When a car has gotten to the end of its life, there are several options. Usually, the best option is to ship the car to a recycler. Industry experts refer to these recyclers as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). There are many reasons why you may decide to scrap your car. Whether […]



How much are scrap car batteries worth? This depends on the car battery weight. For example, any scrap collectors will give you different rates per battery. A general guideline for how much are scrap car batteries worth usually goes off-price in tone. Car batteries do contain lead and this is the main metal of value […]

What You Should Know About Selling Your Damaged or Broken Car

How damaged is my vehicle

Introduction Every car owner has expectations for their vehicles. Perhaps, expectations like a secure means of mobility for a long time have animated your thoughts. However, the reality is that someday, that new vehicle will only be good for one thing: being scrapped! Accidents, natural disasters, damages, wear and tear, and other occurrences have seen […]

Post Lockdown: How Prepared is The UK Automobile Market

Post lockdown automobile market in Uk

Introduction The recent happenings around the country have called for a nationwide lockdown. This measure has brought the automobile industry to a halt for a while. Since June however, there have been various efforts to make the sector start its full operations This article takes a look at how COVID-19 has affected the UK automobile […]

What is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)?

breakdown recovery

What is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)? If you didn’t know already, scrapping your old car is a dull and dubious method that involves different methods. These methods are offered by an auto recycler to assure safe scrapping of your old vehicle within the UK. However, the UK government and environment firms have approved just […]

Scrap Car Prices: A Guide To UK Scrap Car values

scrap car network prices

Scrap Car Prices: A Guide To UK Scrap Car values One of the biggest questions in the mind of old car users is “How much is my scrap car worth?” Perhaps, you have made both offline and online enquiries and realized that there are factors that affect it. As a scrap car Manchester service provider, […]