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Heavy Vehicles Recovery Manchester

If your car is stuck in a ditch, stuck at the side of the road or you require a discreet way to transport your vehicle we can help, if you do not want to call out an expensive recovery team we could give you a lifter. We may not be able to get your vehicle back to your location but we can certainly clear any obstructions and get your vehicle on to our Lifter.

Our Specailist carrier is a tow truck that is designed for specialist vehicle recovery. Their small size enables them to reach the most difficult to access locations and their low proffle transportation angle makes it easy to transport large vehicles inconspicuously. They are also able to adjust the height of the loading vehicle which makes servicing cars with high roofs easier.


Why Choose Us

effective flatbed transportation

Here at 1st Rescue & Recovery, we are a fast and reliable breakdown service in Manchester that will provide you with a professional and friendly experience. We are proud to serve our customers not just Locally within the Greater Manchester area but our breakdown recovery services extend nationally. We can recover vehicles across the nation and get them delivered to the required destination.

Our Car Transport Services Are Fully Insured

Manchester Breakdown Services’ sophisticated fleet of purpose-built custom covered car transporters can provide covered car transfer services. We can accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from race cars, historic cars, prestigious cars and high-value supercars.



Relocation of any vehicle type

If your car was towed at the request of an agency, you must first be sure that you don’t need the agency’s permission to pick up the car.

The police can tow a vehicle that violates parking restrictions, obstructs traffic, or has broken down. Local councils also have the authority to clamp and tow cars, especially if the driver lacks car tax or insurance.

A courtesy tow in the UK is a free towing service offered by some garages when you use their repair or maintenance services. Tow by the hour is a towing service charged based on the time used.

A lien on your vehicle in the UK may be due to an unpaid debt or outstanding financial obligation related to the vehicle.

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