Cost of Car Breakdown Recovery

Cost of Car Breakdown Recovery

Are you encountering a car breakdown and wondering how much it would cost you? If so, then you are at the right place. With terrible road construction and consistent car use, car breakdown has become common nowadays.

Besides the hassle of finding a serviceman for recovery, you might stay clueless about its service charges and additional costs. To be exact, the cost for car breakdown recovery depends on the car condition, weight, location, and other factors.

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Read along to know more about the cost of car breakdown recovery:

Is Car Breakdown Cover Worth It?

Of course! Car breakdown covers are important for any car owner. Imagine a situation where you are stuck midway due to a car breakdown, and there’s no help for miles. How unsafe is that? However, if you bear a car breakdown cover, the company can fix your issue with immediate assistance and ensure a smooth journey. 

Car breakdown covers also assure quick repairs whenever required. This cuts down your time and efforts for endless waits and garage hoverings. Also, it gives you peace of mind, regardless of your travel schedules. If you like to travel more often, you can stay assured that help is near. This is especially useful for those who travel with children or family. 

Additionally, car breakdown covers are cost-efficient too. Some people do not go for them because they fear extra costs. Little do they know about the money they will be spending if their car breaks down without coverage. Momentarily, they will have no option but to pay the amount. So, it’s best to invest in breakdown recovery cover earlier instead of separate hefty payments later. 

Note that the breakdown coverage depends on policies, which you need to choose as per your requirement. If you are an occasional traveller who likes to go on short trips, it’s worth selecting basic recovery policies; likewise, if you are an adventurer who likes to go on recurrent trips, select policies with nationwide recovery assistance. 

Is Breakdown Cover The Same As Insurance?

Car insurance (also called motor insurance) is where the company provides cover for car damage. It usually covers the financial aspect of a car after an accident. Some insurance may also cover injuries and legal liabilities. 

On the other hand, a breakdown cover is a type of insurance for car breakdowns. It can assist you if your car suddenly stops midway and there is no assistance. Say, if you are driving your car and the battery dies. In such a case, the breakdown cover will ensure you do not stay stuck and get immediate help.

Both car breakdown cover and insurance policies are different from each other. While the former covers the financial costs, it later ensures repair/recovery assistance during breakdown. Sometimes breakdown covers are included in specific car insurance policies. But, mostly, they are two separate covers. 

How to Cut the Cost for Car Breakdown Cover?
From the above section, it’s clear that your car needs a car breakdown cover. However, if the breakdown cover costs seem a bit too much for you, there’s a way to cut down the same. Here’s how:

Compare Cheap Car Breakdown Cover

Do your research and make a list of car breakdown cover companies. Select the ones that have lower costs with the best services. Then, place a call and rectify doubts (if any). Once you find a service provider at a low cost, call your chosen provider and see if they can lower the rates as per your researched company.

Choose Small Companies

Instead of selecting the top companies for car breakdown covers, go for startups with affordable rates. Most of these startups provide good services at a reasonable cost. In addition, they keep their charges affordable to get better customer reach. So, try to explore beyond the biggies.

Haggle for Breakdown Car Covers

Most companies prefer a long-term relationship with old customers. So, they might lessen the cost if you mention switching the company. If their assistance costs seem a little overpriced, haggle the price ranges. If you do not like haggling on call, do so in live chats. During your conversation, mention how you are an old customer who takes regular assistance from them. Also, point out any issues you have faced with their services.


Hopefully, now you know about the cost of car breakdown recovery. Looking at the benefits and requirements, it’s worth spending on a car breakdown cover. The cost is variable, so you can always look for a good company offering affordable services. 

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