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Greater Manchester's number one rescue and breakdown vehicle recovery.

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Our Scrap Car Manchester service is rated 4.69/5.0 based on 911 reviews

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Commercial, HGV, and PSV heavy recovery specialists may carry crippled motor vehicles that are no longer drivable to another site or repair facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our movers and trailers can get your bus or coach back on the road, regardless of size, location, or weight. Our specialised heavy lifting team is highly equipped and ready to retrieve your vehicles when you need it most, regardless of the scale of the operation.

Recovery Services for Heavy Vehicles

Our emergency off-road service operators and flatbed tow trucks can lift and winch through heavy rain, sleet, or snow, and demount to provide a low loading angle in the event of a breakdown or collision.

GPS navigation systems, automatic vehicle location detection, computer-assisted dispatch, and radio contact with our dispatching centre are all used to track all of our cars. For more information, please call.

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Why Choose Us?

If you encounter multiple problems with your vehicle, our fully equipped rescue vans can assist you with Manchester roadside assistance. From a wheel change on a car and a jump-start to a brake or a mechanical failure. Some old model vehicles may require a jump start for a dead battery, and that’s okay, we are available to meet your needs. Choose our van recovery Manchester team today!


This depends on which recovery you choose. However, you can rely on us to recovery your vehicle when you breakdown.

There’s plenty of recovery services to choose from in the UK. However, we pride ourselves on being one of the best breakdown recovery services in Manchester.

This all depends on your location. For example, you could be broken down in the Manchester City Centre. Or, you could be broken down on the outskirts of Manchester.

Nethertheless, we will get to your location as fast as possible.

From the moment your call, our recovery truck will attend to your location.

There’s plenty of reasons why your can or van might have stopped working. For example, here’s list of common issues we see;

  • Flat tyre
  • Dead battery
  • Oil leak
  • Smashed window (you should stop if you get a cracked window)

You can check our local breakdown tips guide for staying safe on the road.