How much are scrap car batteries worth?

This depends on the car battery weight. For example, any scrap collectors will give you different rates per battery. A general guideline for how much are scrap car batteries worth usually goes off-price in tone.

Car batteries do contain lead and this is the main metal of value that’s worth money for scrap. If you want to get paid more, you should deliver your battery yourself. Also, you will get more money if you have larger quantities to recycle.

Can you scrap car batteries?

scrap battery

Yes, of course, you can scrap car batteries. If you have an old car battery, you should cash it in and get some money for it. At 1st Rescue and Recovery, we will give you the best price for your old scrap car battery.  As you can probably guess, mechanics and any scrap yard get a lot of old and new batteries, and we can help give the best price for them.

what to bring with you to scrap a car battery?

A good while ago, you could visit any salvage yard and just sell a car battery. However, times have changed and you’re required to now bring some details. Here’s what is generally required to sell;

  • photo-id
  • bank details – account number & sort code
  • drivers licence or (passport + recent utility bill)

Are car batteries hazardous waste?

scrap battery

Yes. the car batteries can be hazardous as they do contain acid. This, of course, is a hazardous material.

Who buys scrap car batteries?

You can sell a car battery at a lot of different places, for example, primarily refiners, local or national scrap dealers will buy scrap car batteries from you.

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