One of the biggest questions in the mind of old car users is “How much is my scrap car worth?” Perhaps, you have made both offline and online enquiries and realized that there are factors that affect it. As a scrap car Manchester service provider, we want to share will you all the answers you need.

This article contains a comprehensive guide that helps you understand the nitty-gritty of selling your scrap car. It includes the details of how to get the best price for your scrap car, factors that influence the price of your scrap cars, and average prices for popular scrap cars in the United Kingdom.

Getting The Best Price For Your Scrap Car

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Getting the best price for your scrap car has to do with some factors. These factors are what you need to consider as a seller before you can get the best of prices in the deal.

Get A Buyer Close To You

In selling your scrap car, you must get a buyer close to your local area. The secret is that the further your dealers have to travel to your car, the more they knock off the price to cover their travel cost. Therefore, if you wish to get the best price for your scrap car, you need to look for the closest dealer in your environment.

Understand Timing Of Sales

Most dealers are always occupied at the end of the month. Therefore, they tend to ignore buyers during this period to make themselves less competitive. By reducing the number of incoming businesses they get, it gives them the chance to attend to their committed customers.

It is, therefore, advisable that you take advantage of the first two weeks of the month when prices will be highly competitive.

Don’t Remove Any Part From Your Car

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The value of your car depends on the completeness of all the original components of the vehicle. They must be left as intact as possible. Therefore, you need to resist the urge to remove some parts from it. Dealers will subtract the value of any missing piece from the price they will offer you.

Be Aware Of The Tricks Of Some Dealers

It is not about value. This fact helps you get informed about the cynics of some dealers in cars scraps. Their tricks are always easy to spot and here are few of them which you must refute if you know what you’re looking for:

Refuse to believe anyone that says your scrap car doesn’t have a value and offers you help in taking it off. There is a value for all ends of a vehicle, even if it is only their weight in scrap metal.
Don’t allow dealers to remove any price because you didn’t have a logbook. You didn’t need one if you’re scrapping your car.

Agree On A Fixed Price With Your Dealer

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When deciding on the scrap car dealer, you must ensure you get a fixed price. Some dealers make the person who is collecting your car tryout a last-minute drive with you. No matter the intimidation, don’t get drawn into it. You can always find someone else who will take your car if they don’t. Most times, they will choose to back down than losing your business altogether.

Understanding the Road Tax

You might have been informed about the need to claim back your road tax on your scrap car. This advice is not wrong, but it is outdated. The DLVA now processes all road tax through an online database before the old paper task discs. As a new driver, you may never even have one. Therefore, when you inform them you’re scrapping your car for sale, the money will be refunded automatically. It won’t affect your scrap car price.

Factors That Influence The Price Of Scrapping Cars

The price of your car depends on a lot of variables. Some of which you can influence and some you can’t. They include:

The Weight And Size Of Your Car

Most times, the price of scrap cars depends on the ton-weight of the vehicle. Bigger and heavier cars tend to have more valuable scrap metals, which, in turn, determines the amount of money you will be getting from them.

The Make The Model And The Age Of The Car

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Cars that are expensive to buy and run are also worth more when they get scrapped too. Just as make and model affect the price of new vehicles, they change the price when they get scrapped too. Age also is a determinant in this case. For example, a model from 2017 will be worth more than a model of 2000.

Completeness Of Its Parts

You must ensure each of its parts are intact to get maximum value for your car. Do not remove any parts beforehand.

Your Location And Distance From The Dealer

The further you are from the dealer, the less money he will offer to you. Ensure you get a dealer closer to your area.

Scrap Metal Market

Due to the unstable demand and supply for recycled aluminium, steel, and copper in the metal market, the price of scrap cars also fluctuate. It is the economic factor, and there is less you can do about it. It is not something you should worry about.

Should You Accept Cash For Your Car?

The answer is No! Don’t ever trust a dealer who tries to offer you cash for your scrap car. Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013 made it illegal to receive cash for your scrap car.

The law was enacted to trace the payment for End of Life Vehicles easily and consequently makes it difficult for criminal and illegal dealers to remain undetected. The payment, therefore, should be made by bank transfer which makes it visible for relevant authorities to inspect.

Average Scrap Prices For Most Popular Cars in the UK

The following will guide you on what price tag should you offer and the level of negotiation.

Make and model Weights Price


Volkswagen Golf1.416£172
Renault Scenic1.432£174
Land Rover Discovery1.854£279
BMW 3 Series1.29£157
Audi A31.425£143
Toyota Hilux1.635£180
BMW 5 Series1.585£192
Ford Fiesta0.922£148

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