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Do you know that the old forklift you own could make you a good deal of money?

A number of Car Removal Companies have sprung up across the country offering Quick Scrap My Car Quote services. Many of these companies offer a free quotation and will quote you on a fixed fee. However, they will not give you a price in Oldham like us (also we offer roadside assistance in Oldham).

A Quick Scrap My Car Quote depends on a number of factors such as:

Car Removal Companies will quote you on the basis of the ‘My Car Quote’ and other quotes available from the companies themselves.

Your Quick Scrap My Car Quote range of Car (ELV) re-sale vehicle and scrap car recycling includes: Authorised and insured treatment facilities. Car de-pollution, vehicle tracking and removal of vehicles that are unsafe or vandalism.

If you have any damaged or broken cars and have a car donation scheme, then the cost to you will be a percentage of the price paid by the charity. You can contact charities and find out if they take damaged cars. Most will accept any type of car, whether it’s a new model or an old one.

If you have a damaged vehicle, you can also use your Quick Scrap My Car Quote to get the vehicle repaired so it can be used again. However, you will pay for a deductible, depending on the extent of the damage.

You will need to provide your car details to a Quick Car Quote Company so they can calculate how much it would cost to remove and dispose of your car. This process is done online in a matter of minutes. A company will contact you and let you know what services they are able to offer, as well as what the cost will be.

There are a number of auto removal companies available. These companies will usually quote on a fixed fee, and include the cost of the vehicle removal. All you need to do is supply a valid VIN number, contact details and the make and model of the car you want removed and we will give you a quotation.

If you are not happy with the quotation, we will contact you and ask you for more information. 

We will give you a quote based on these parameters and then you can either accept or reject it.

Our Quick Car Quote Company will also quote you on the total cost of the removal of your car, including all the costs for the removal and disposal of the vehicle. You will be charged for a flat fee, or hourly rate for removing the vehicle.


We’re an Authorised DVLA vehicle recycle scrapyard in Oldham. This meas we acan immediately send confirmation to the DVLA. We let them know your vehicle has been destroyed. Then, you’re not liable for the Road Fund Licence. dvla.

When we collect your scrap car, you need to provide the log book. Then, in return we will notify the DVLA that your vehicle has been scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility. You the get issued with an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction. This certificate means you are no longer respoonsible for this vehicle.

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    Yes of course, we pay good money for your vehicle.

    Price of scrapping your car will vary depending on the model etc. However, if your car or any other vehicle has parts that are salvageable or can be sold at auction. Then, we can discuss the best price for scrapping your vehicle. If you call us we can give you a quote to scrap your car.

    When your vehicle has reached the end of its life, the best thing you can do is get some money back for scrapping it. So, you must get it scrapped at an authorised treatment facility (ATF). These are sometimes known as a scrapyard or breaker’s yard. We make sure to notify the DVLA if you choose our Manchester scrapyard.

    Try to keep your car in the best condition. For example, make sure;

    • Tyres are inflated
    • Car battery is working
    • Car is drivable
    • The car electrics are working

    The better the condition, the more money we are able to offer you for scrapping your vehicle.

    Yes of course, we will give you a good quote for any vehicle that’s not working.

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