If you didn’t know already, scrapping your old car is a dull and dubious method that involves different methods.

These methods are offered by an auto recycler to assure safe scrapping of your old vehicle within the UK. However, the UK government and environment firms have approved just certain businesses, and these hold the license to scrap cars in Manchester.

Furthermore, these car recyclers are known as an Authorised Treatment Facility. And as mentioned these are government-approved car scrap yards located within the UK.

Popular car scrap companies, like us – 1st Rescue and Recovery, are one of the leading Authorised Treatment Facility in the automotive industry.

We abide by government rules and prerequisites that assures environment safety.

How did we get to become an Authorised Treatment Facility?

ATF is a nickname given to a scrap yard approved by DVLA.

As an ATF, we have the government issue to dispose of any old vehicles. This is why we can offer you a complete scrap service for your old car, van, motorbike, or any other old vehicle.

Authorised Treatment Facility final thoughts

For an individual availing the solutions from an unauthorised scrap my vehicles Manchester-based scrap yards, the probability of illegally stealing some working extra parts as well as marketing them in the black market is higher. This will certainly not be a situation with ATF, as they do each and every single task instantly.

ATF is monitored by the reputed as well as skilled companies, which usually determines the quality, safety and security, and reliability of the facility. One of the main points of these firms is to keep and also maintain unused components intact.

ATF’s provides Certificate of Damage, as soon as the cars and truck is ditched in the yard. Agencies such as DVLA just accept the certification from these firms and will certainly think about the case to be shut.

1st Rescue and Recovery is a well-known ATF, which has a full as well as all-round facility needed for a junking yard. In the long run, the proprietors get their share of immediate scrap cost Manchester, for the remains and functioning extra parts.

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