Having a vehicle is not just about using them for travelling or going to your destination. It is also necessary to take care of your car for your safety. As a car owner, you should learn things about every part of your car. It is essential to know how important the functions of each element are.

Every part of your car is associated or connected. If one of these parts fails to function correctly, there’s a strong possibility of affecting other parts. Like the body system, every aspect is expected to perform well. Even though only one organ has been damaged or failed to function properly, it impacts the human body.

Because of this, there is something called Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing that has a vital role in your vehicles. It is essential to know everything about these two, especially for safe driving.

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What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignment is very significant, yet some car owners disregard its benefits. It is also called Tyre Alignment, and it has something to do with your vehicle’s suspension. Vehicle suspension is the part or system that connects the tyres to your car. 

Tyre alignment is about adjusting your vehicle’s suspension. It’s not an adjustment on the tyre itself. It’s about correctly changing of angles of the tyres, which have an impact when using the car along the road. 

1. Indicators of Misaligned Tyre

If you doubt that your vehicle is aligned correctly, you can look for the following signs or symptoms of misalignment that your car might have:

If you observe these signs on your car, immediately get an alignment check. Most of these signs are ignored by some car owners. As a result, alignment issues of their car became more costly, it can damage their tyres, and worse, it can cause accidents.

2. What Causes Misaligned Wheels

There are possible reasons or causes why you have a misaligned tyre. It might be because of severe or massive impact from car accidents, driving over potholes. Also, it might be because of worn parts that a vehicle has. Lastly, another cause might be driving rapidly over a speed bump.

3. Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is obviously significant in every vehicle. It is beneficial because it prevents dangerous driving hazards. It contributes a lot to your safe driving. Also, it is helpful for your vehicle’s tyres because it will help them function well for a more extended period.

Aligned Tyres gives you not just a safe driving experience but also efficient usage of fuel. In addition, it prevents handling problems while driving. 

What is Wheel Balancing?

Despite the advanced technology that we have in manufacturing vehicle parts, a tyre can’t be perfectly balanced all the time. Aside from aligned wheels, it is also necessary to be balanced. When you replace a tyre on your car, you must equalise the wheel assembly.

Wheel Balancing is also called Tyre Balancing. It refers to a service that involves balancing the weight of the merged tire and wheel. The said balancing was done by placing them at the centre in a balancing machine where you can determine the difference between their weight. In this process, you can identify which of the two is heavier or lighter. 

1. When to Balance Your Tyres?

You can determine if you need wheel balancing if you experience vibration on your steering wheel and seats. Also, you should observe if your vehicle is moving unsteadily and if your tyres are squealing. 

In addition, even if you are not yet using your new tyres, you must if it’s balanced before it is installed in your car. Most of the time, a wheel is imbalanced from the very beginning. It might be because it has imperfections after being manufactured. That’s why it is recommended that before fitting or placing new tyres, wheel balancing is necessary. 

If you experience the said signs while driving, you should have your wheels balanced as soon as possible. 

2. Importance of Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing is significant as wheel alignment. Through wheel balancing, you can drive at high speed smoothly. Also, it helps have a safer driving experience. It is also significant in accident prevention.

Also, through this process, your tyres will have a longer life, and it is helpful for you because it will lessen your maintenance expenses. It shows that wheel balancing is not just about your safety. It can also help you save money because you can have efficient usage of fuel through the said process. 

3. Reasons Why Your Wheel is Unbalanced

One of the primary reasons why your wheel is imbalanced is its defect from the moment it was manufactured. Most of the wheels and tyres have unequal weight. Also, it may be because of driving on a rough road. Lastly, weather can also be a cause of unbalanced tyres. During winter, cold weather results in the contraction of air particles, which can lead to tire deflation if it occurs in excess.

Wheel Balancing Vs. Wheel Alignment

At first, you would think that wheel balancing and wheel alignment are both the same process. These two services give a smoother and safer driving experience, but they are actually different. A tire balancing corrects the weight imbalance on your tire and wheel assemblies, while wheel alignment adjusts the vehicle’s suspension and angles of your tyres.


No perfect tyre exists; even a minor imperfection may lead to more significant conflicts. Prevention is always better than cure. You don’t have to wait for your vehicle to experience the signs or symptoms of imbalanced and misaligned wheels.

You can experience a more comfortable and safer driving experience through wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Also, you will have efficient usage of your fuel. Moreover, it helps you to prevent accidents. In addition, you can also maximise the life of your wheels and tyres.

These two services might be different, but remember that both are necessary to your vehicle. It would help if you were not always confident with your car. Checking up on your vehicle is essential.

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