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Are you looking for the best salvage yard in Tameside where you can get cash for your car? That’s what we do!

We do all things vehicles which include the Manchester breakdown recovery service. But, we are trusted as one of the best places near you in Tameside and other North West locations where you can scrap your Junk car.

When you contact us;

We have a vehicle dismantle team with years of experience in the automotive industry. It is our speciality, as a consequence of our “Cash for car service,” to provide you with different car parts for all makes and models including for vans. We pride ourselves as one of the top scrap yards in Tameside, England, because we offer the best prices. What else can you get from us? We supply everything related to cars from its engine to its exhaust. With us, it is easy to convert your old or junk vehicle into scrap and get cash in return because our Auto Recyclers team makes it simple. Anywhere you are in Tameside, North West of England, we can travel there. You will get the best monetary value for scrapping your vehicle because we will offer you the best quote for your car. Call us now and let’s take away your scrap vehicle for free!

How Does It Work?

Car Parts

We have in stock, parts for all vehicle makes and models. Our inventory includes parts for both old and new cars, and they come with a full guarantee and a no-argument money-back promise.

Scrap Metal

We deal in the First Recovery and Rescue trade in all grades of scrap metal. Our reputation in the automotive industry, over the years, is impressive. We only provide quality service. All the grade of scrap metal we buy is at competitive prices.


After many years of impeccable service, we have proven ourselves to be specialists in Automotive recycling in the Tameside area. We have spent our days focusing our time and attention on how to offer the best wiring loom for all types of vehicles in Tameside.


Whether it is engines, body parts, gearboxes, and other components, we have what it takes, in terms of resources and experience, to export them worldwide. Anywhere you are around the world, we can supply you what you need for your van, car, and more.


Our reputation across the Tameside area is that we are one of the leading providers of partly worn or new tyres and we provide the best tyre services, including our tyre-fitting service.


The following is a list of the cars types we accept for scrap;

  • Insurance Write-offs
  • Damaged Cars
  • Flood Damaged Cars
  • Non-Runners
  • MOT Failures
  • Junk and Salvage Cars
  • Fleet Cars
  • Foreign Cars
  • Part-exchange Cars
  • Abandoned Vehicles

Scrap any of these types of cars with us today and get the best-guaranteed price.


While there are several other scrap yards in Tameside, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us;

  • We do not disappoint. We turn up every time and on time.
  • We offer you the best price with seven days guarantee.
  • We offer same-day collection.
  • We do not delay your payment. We do it instantly.
  • Our company is registered, and we offer a Certificate of Destruction in line with the requirements given by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

We have designed our services process to be hassle-free. Therefore, when you contact us, we take you through the following processes;

  • We ask you few and simple questions
  • We present to you the best price quote
  • You have seven days guarantee on the price offer
  • When you agree to the price offer, we give you cash or transfer to you
  • We’ll come to pick up your vehicle for free
  • We present a certification of destruction

We are an authorized Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) vehicle recycle team located in Tameside. Therefore, we can send immediate confirmation to DVLA, letting them know your vehicle has been destroyed, and we did it for you. That means you are not liable for the Road Fund License. You’ll need to provide the vehicle’s logbook when we come to collect it. In return, we’ll notify DVLA about the scrapping of your car and that we, an Authorized Treatment Facility, did it.

Then, we’ll issue you a certificate of destruction as proof that the vehicle is not your responsibility anymore.


You can get £100 to £300 from us for your scrap car, and we can pay from £500 to £5000 for Salvage cars. For scrap vans, we can pay you £200 to £500 while we’ll pay from £500 to £5000 for salvage vans. Our team of auto recycling experts breaks down the vehicle so that we export parts and recycle every little piece of metal in the car. That’s why we can pay that much.

As Tameside’s number one scrap vans and scrap car buyer, we also buy company fleet vehicles, insurance losses, etc. When you wish to upgrade to a new fleet of vehicles, we can take your old fleet. We don’t want only scrap cars. We also buy any car type. The scrap cars we want are those that failed MOT tests and damaged vehicles. Have you tried out the rest? Then, try out the best!

What’s the price for your scrap vehicle?

Check out our UK scrap price.



Unit 2 Yard 1, Invar Road, M27 9HF Manchester (UK)





Yes, you can offer your car for scrapping, and we’ll pay you good money in return.

The price you get in exchange for your car scrapping depends on the model of your car and some other factors. But we can discuss the best price if your vehicle still has parts that are salvageable or can be sold at auction. We’ll offer you a quote of the best price to scrap your car if you call us now.

When you want to upgrade your old vehicle for a new one or your car can no longer function as it should, it’s best to get some money back from scrapping it.

However, you must get it scrapped by an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) which is commonly known as breaker’s yard or scrap yard for proper documentation. If you choose our Tameside facility, we will notify DVLA and also offer you a Certificate of Destruction.

Since the price you get in exchange for your car scrapping depends on several factors, you need to keep the car in the best condition. For example, ensure that the car;

  • battery is working
  • tyres are inflated
  • electrics are working
  • the vehicle is drivable, etc.

In other words, you make more money depending on the car condition. The better it is, the more money you can make from scrapping the vehicle.

Yes, you can. We’ll offer you the best price for scrapping your non-working vehicle with us.

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